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There is no correct answer because the power to change on earth rests with those who have financial means to make that change regardless of justification. Yes, i know that it has to do with the birth of Christ, but it's not saying anything against anyone or anyone's beliefs. This whole debate is stupid.

Leave it alone, and let people opine on their own about their faith and spiritual beliefs. It's this year for anyone on Earth that is participating in day-to-day world commerce and communication. The History of the Medieval World. Tony Stewart Post Standardizing is an essential tool to improve accuracy of communication on this planet.

There have been many living Masters there walking among us who are and were no different than Jesus. About the Author Joshua J. As I have been reading posts, I have come to a conclusion. Though I have had many things happen to me in my life.

Whether you are Christian or not does not change the historical facts nor the fact that our dating system is built around this event. And now we have a dating system that deletes Christ. Dating events from an uncertain point is inaccurate because one is making an untrue statement based on a false assumption. So what I mean is, where did those years go? If you die tomorrow, what will all this mean to you then?

What is the meaning of BC and AD And what does BCE and CE mean

Jesus Christ came to save all mankind from Hell. Were the Jews assembled at Mt. Seems like revisionism to me.

How can you make that decision? This is happening every day and everywhere! Without those morals to measure a society against then lawlessness is acceptable.

  1. God is Almighty, All-Wise.
  2. You, like most liberals who attack others because they have a difference of opinion than yours, do it because insincerity.
  3. The Elements of Astronomy, Physical and Geometrical.
  4. And it has nothing to do with shoving Christianity down the drain.

Both in Use for Centuries

  • Of course I would as any good student would know to do.
  • Christian doctrine is nothing more than ideas, desires, thoughts and feelings of the corrupt, power hungry early Roman church leaders and politicians.
  • University of Chicago Press.
  • It may offend some to refer to a pagan god every summer.
  • Nowadays, there are many politically ultra-liberal Christians, religious non-Christians, and anti-religious people in influential positions media, academia, law, publishing, etc.
What is the meaning of BC and AD And what does BCE and CE mean
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Christianity is no better or more believable than say, Hinduism, or Buddhism. Actually, Marco yes and No. Could you add any proof to that, christian please? What if i tell you i'm atheist.

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What Do CE and BCE Mean

The whole idea behind secularism in separating religion from state is completely backwards. People existed and counted years long before he was around. And as the Author of Life.

Let those who want to be the fool do as such. It is a way that time is measured. But there is only one Truth and that in the form of Jesus Christ. It gives us a brief history of the way we label our history.


The Origin and History of the BCE/CE Dating System

So we have not been using a calendar with the actual birth year of jesus. The second group are hostile and combative. Do they view Him as a lunatic or heretic? Are you saying that you know all that God knows?

Controversy over the use of CE and BCE to identify dates in history

If you did your homework you would find out the early settlers came to this country to escape exactly that kind of narrow mindedness. Most conservatives still prefer A. Southern Baptist Convention. The year-numbering system used by the Gregorian calendar is used throughout the world today, and is an international standard for civil calendars. We have millions of people living here now who can look at a book cover or title and tell the rest of the world, dating in No that is not from God or No that is not something God has said or would say.

And it seems as if his anti-Jesus campaign is actually working sometimes. They will not even put the letters on your head stone, only numbers. For them the world will end at their last breath. Thank God for the participants of this forum.

Actually Muslims do recognize Jesus but as human being, not as a god. Everything was made by and for Him. It is these people who, for about two decades, have been widely spreading the C. He was standing in front of a crystal cathedral in a white robe. Another way of phrasing it is, what are the odds that you will be born into right religion I think they're all probably wrong out of all the religions in.

The first group can be engaged in intelligent discussion. This provided very clear and useful information for me. It is established beyond any question that human beings existed on earth at least six million years ago.

As for calendars, the Muslims have a calendar system, the Chinese, Jews and literally thousands of other ethnic groups do as well. Standardizing is an essential tool to improve accuracy of communication on this planet. They are only intolerant of Christians, pro-life baby lovers, and those who are conservative in nature.

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But those hooked nosed Edomites squatting on Palestinian lands are about as jewish as a slab of camel shit. However century years follow a different rule. To adhere to the aspect of many beliefs being present in the world today is correct.

Because deep down inside, you have no conviction to what you think or believe, and by attacking hers you feel some sense of conviction to yours. If you did, your eyes would be much more open. Discuss this Article anon Post I don't get it. Knowing no scripture is of private interpretation.

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De Eucharistica controuersia, capita doctrinae theologicae de quibus mandatu, illustrissimi principis ac domini, D. And Regardless of All of this. At least when it comes to spelling. It's like they're trying too get rid of Jesus as a historical person, which he was.

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If He represents just one of many ways to believe, then I would suggest trying all the others first and see where you end up. Some non Christians even believe in His miraculous, immaculate conception. Continuum International Publishing Group. That's the biggest grouping of Christians in the world. So please focus on what the debate is about, not trying to destroy what faith may or may not be left in the world.

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