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Can I assume that there is an implicit commit following the executeQuery? We wrapped timings around the different portions of the code and extracted the time for connection, binding, batching and execution. We've run the application in client-server mode and locally on the Sun. ScrollableResultSet at abc.

Jdbc driver for oracle

Tom once again excellent answer. The type of the object returned is java. This is espcially usefull for PreparedStatement where a call to setEscapeProcessing false would have no effect. For example, batching doesn't seem to buy much in terms of performance. We were actually testing different things.

Our code doesn't use the Oracle jdbc extensions, buffalo hd-pctu3 usb drivers we use the standard jdbc calls only. We are reviewing our options and may recommend a move to the Oracle jdbc extensions.

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OracleResultSetImpl at oracle. Tom, We have two Oracle servers prime and stanby. Expertise through exercise! It means that enough memory will be allocated to read this data. It is a matter of opinion.

Dear Tom, The response is awesome. Do I need to grant create context to user? These differences may be important to your application.

You'll find the thin drivers to be easier to setup less software to install and more portable. Are we using the wrong driver? Driver interface, as is the case with OracleDriver. When building something to run on a server, I tend towards the thick drivers. You are my most admired and respected Oracle guru and I understand that you are not java developer.

My questions are, because we are using pooled connections at each new request for data from the database are we going to have to set the organisation context for every call? The third bullet even seems to imply that the performance should not be worse might even be better. This applies when I am developing code that will be run on someones desktop.

We've learned that subtle differences in the code can make big differences in performance. Sharing connection is just a bad idea.

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Sometimes, these results suprise us because they don't meet our expectations. Alternatively, you can use the forName method of the java. Any help would be appreciated. It is not valid for Microsoft Java virtual machines. ScrollableResultSet at oracle.