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Kulchitsky Tank Driver

Wait for an opening while hiding behind cover. Press face first against him and find weak-spots to aim at with your gun. The armored plate when placed at a flat angle, the effective armor thickness goes from the whopping plus mm of effective armor to a more weaker plus mm of effective armor. The side armor is even trickier and complex than the frontal armor. But it's the way that they are positioned which makes them so strong.

Kulchitsky tank driver

This means it will be extremely difficult to work ridge-lines or fire from hills without exposing most of your tank to the enemy. Only high penetration guns will easily penetrate your side turret armor and only if they aim properly. Very helpful and excellent read.

Tested by Vladimir Kulchitsky, konica minolta qms pagepro 1200w driver an experienced tank driver sic! Avoid facehugging taller tanks as they can aim down on your hull armour and cause damage.

All five were extensively modernized, fitted with Rootes rotor compressors and twin-chamber carburetors. But enough with that prattle, we still have much more history to go through! Excuse me, who are the Gs?

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Nikolai Kulchitsky

The rammer is a must have piece of equipment for this tank, boosting your rate of fire which is considerably slow. It required some or so battles before I finally got the hang of it, but when I did, I started to rethink my hatred of this geometric beast. If the soviet people of that era had been free to pursue these ideas, there's no telling how different history might have been.

The main virtue of this tank is in it's angled armor and utilizing it to block shots than clubbing your enemies slowly to death with that blunt club of a gun. However like the German's the Soviets at times like to boast about how fast their tanks can go in-game. However the gun suffers from numerous draw-backs which can really make you grit your teeth when playing this tank. Though slower than the Leopard tank, it was more versatile and served the United Kingdom for three decades.

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Invite Friends Featured Members. Like the various differences between prototypes, the guns mounted on each prototype were also slightly different. However the metallic stream has to pass through the open air before it can reach the main armor. Look at these images above of how drastically the effective armour thickness of the tank's frontal armor changes with even a slight angling.

At that kind of incline, your frontal armor becomes very very flat and all the more easy to penetrate. The idea is that the enemy will not have the gun depression to fire down into the hull but will have to aim for upper turret weak-spots while you punch holes into his armour.

Very professional and informative! This is my opinion, some of you may like the short history lesson but there's my two cents. Nikitin's innovative car was the result of his Ph. Our Chieftain excels at crushing cars and other large objects.

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Tanks & Tracks

Steering was done via a hydraulic servo. No heavy tank of this size and weight would ever be built again on Russian soil. This geometric configuration of the side hull will allow you to get the occasional lucky bounce off your sides as you drive across the battle field. If you feel that there were any parts to this guide which were inadequately explained, or there were some areas I left out.

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AWACS Tank Guide IS-7

The turret was given a less vulnerable form removing the angled lower portion of the frontal turret armor which was found to produce a shot-trap so it became more smooth and rounded. Another great equipment to help you sure up the deficiencies of your gun being your awful dispersion and aim circle bloom. With a bit of luck, the enemy's shell will bounce or hit a track dealing no damage and allow you to retaliate.

It looks very inventive, with a lot of bodywork. Than there's the low sustained damage output of this tank. This tank is one of our favorite driving tanks. The fate of this car is unclear. Steering was done by hydraulic actuators with progressive gears.

The Scorpion is an affordable, perfect choice for a first time tank driver. Penetrations through the lower glacis almost always injures your tank driver who is seated near that area. The g force, as in the push from the acceleration you would feel in a jet. When your ready to fire, reverse back and aim for a weak-spot and fire before pressing into them again.

Than roll out from cover and fire before retreating back into cover. To pull off this tactic with a reasonable rate of success, find a tank of equal tier or a medium tank. The frontal turret face was also very well sloped to improve chances of shell deflection.

Our model uses an actual Jumbo turret recovered from France and still shows its battle damage. At this time Nikitin was a Military Academy aspirant working on aerodynamics. It doesn't have very high alpha damage but it has just enough to put the hurt on its enemies.

But over time, I started to get the hang of it. To be effective at even hitting the target at times you may be forced to engage in point blank combat which makes your armor weak spots more vulnerable.