Tour edge exotics xcg6 driver

Tour Exotics Xcg6 Driver


tour edge exotics xcg6 driver

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By alternating thickness from. You have entered an incorrect email address! Would be great if you could try these out and give your thoughts on these in the future. Perhaps bigger budgets who knows or even cares for that matter.

Tour Exotic Driver

One and Done, an alternative way to play golf. Perfect shape and just the right size.

It really makes me consider the Tour Edge brand for future purchases. Bottom line, I believe that the Tour Edge Exotics line is absolutely a legitimate option for any serious golfer. But here we are, Tour Edge Exotics driver in hand, taking some rips. The Beta is deeper faced driver than its cc counterpart, g55 mdde32lpdf driver which produces lower launch and less spin for more a penetrating ball flight.

Follow us on Instagram golfguidedotcom. Wrapping Up Yikes, I hope that all made sense.

Tour Edge has a cure for that too! Success with that monster turned me into a Tour Edge fan and a huge equipment geek.

To move through the rough or something? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Going to give them another shot. Nothing has felt as good as this club on well-struck shots. Notify me of new posts by email.

If you hit the ball straight most of the time, then neutral is for you. Will add more and probably newer models as time and budget permit. The boys at NoLayingUp being represented.

Tour exotics xcg6 driver

Anyway, psychobabble aside, once I started playing the club my brain adapted to the larger look and it quickly became a non-issue. When I am away, I wish to stay, with my sweet Fanny fair, for her I care.

Ricky Johnson Custom Putter Review. Why oh why do I wish to wax on and on about my sweet and fair Fanny Lynn Busby? Do your tee shots tend to fade or slice? Depending on your perspective that can be good or bad. Try these clubs out you will be pleasantly surprised at their performanse and perhaps the lower score of your game.

Every year it seems that produce a driver that blows us away with its massive ball speeds, low spin, and great look. And who knows, maybe a step up to an X-Stiff shaft would bring this club right in line with the Titleist for the sharpshooters.

Tour Edge Exotics XCG6 Drivers
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As adjustable as this club is, it may very well make lessons with the driver obsolete! With the lower spin capabilities the driver allows for more loft to be added, which may increase distance in the air carry and distance on the backend of the shot potential roll out. As good as any other driver out there.